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Simplified 2-Way Experience.

5-button remote transmitter. Up to 3000-feet of range with 2-way LED confirmation. Everything you need in a remote start or security system with a friendlier price tag.

Follow the Light

Compustar’s 2-way LED technology gives drivers the benefit of a 2-way remote without adding the hefty cost of an LCD. Whenever you lock your car’s doors or start your engine, the PRO 902 will provide audible and visual confirmation to let you know that your car is safe and/or started.

Touch of Class

The PRO 902 remote has five buttons (2 on front, 3 on side) for remote starting and securing your vehicle. Each button is metal-coated to give you that OEM-feel that you’re looking for.

3- Year Warranty

When you register your new PRO 902 remote, you get an industry-leading warranty that protects you and your remote from defects and/or malfunctioning components. Register your new PRO 902 remote.


  • KLON® Technology: Compustar remote starters utilize KLON by iDatalink to eliminate the need for drivers to give up a key during installation. KLON applications cover the majority of vehicles, including most domestic and Asian imports.
  • Push-to-Start Ready: Since 2005, installers have been installing Compustar remote starters onto push-to-start vehicles. Today, our control modules feature low-current outputs and software solutions that designed specifically for push-to-start vehicles.
  • Compatible with Over 95% of Cars Not all remote starters are created equal. Compustar remote starters can be programmed with vehicle-specific firmware to fit the majority of vehicles on the road today.
  • Stick-Shift? No Problem!: Compustar systems utilize motion sensors to ensure the safety of remote starters installed on manual-transmission vehicles. Compustar remote starters can also be added to diesel vehicles.
  • Programmable Features: Compustar systems are fully customizable and have several adjustable features including turbo timer, remote start runtimes, auxiliaries, and much more!
  • Smart Impact Sensor: Digital impact and tilt sensors are installed with every Compustar security system. These sensors can detect and distinguish between moderate and severe impact, alerting you on your 2-way LCD remote if either occurs.
  • Eliminate Car Theft: While your vehicle is locked and armed with Compustar security, the system activates Engine Lock, which prevents your vehicle from being started and stolen (even if the intruder has your actual car key!).
  • I'm Armed. Stay Away!: Compustar security systems include a super-bright theft-deterrent LED. When locked and armed, the LED will slowly blink to warn potential thieves that your vehicle is safe and secure.
  • Sound the Alarm!: Compustar's 6-tone siren is water-resistant and ultra-compact. If your alarm is ever triggered, the siren will blare at over 105dBs to scare away any intruders and to notify you when you're nearby.
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