System Design Solutions

Staub is excited to introduce System Designs as another service to our customers. Staub’s Technical Specialists will work closely with you to gather as much information as possible on your project to ensure a correct, complete and effective System Design solution.

Your completed System Design will feature a comprehensive solution and include many elements such as:

  • System layout diagram
  • System flow chart
  • Rack layout
  • Equipment quote
  • Speaker & Panel locations

The designs range from a simple surveillance system to large stadium video distributions and everything in between. If you are interested in learning more about our System Design solutions, please contact us by pressing the Request button below.

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Conference Rooms

  • PDF  |  ZIP  »  6-10 Person Medium Conference Room
  • PDF  |  ZIP  »  8-12 Person Medium Conference Room
  • PDF  |  ZIP  »  8-14 Seat Medium Skype Conference Room
  • PDF  |  ZIP  »  12-20 Seat Large Conference Room
  • PDF  |  ZIP  »  20 Seat Large Skype Conference Room
  • PDF  |  ZIP  »  LargeConferenceRoom12-20Seat_64
  • PDF  |  ZIP  »  Small Meeting Room
  • PDF  |  ZIP  »  Training Room

Audio Systems

  • PDF  |  ZIP  »  Living Room Soundbar
  • PDF  |  ZIP  »  Living Room In-Wall 700 series
  • PDF  |  ZIP  »  Living Room In-Ceiling Surround Sound
  • PDF  |  ZIP  »  Landscape Speaker Design
  • PDF  |  ZIP  »  Dedicated Home Theatre HT900 Series
  • PDF  |  ZIP  »  Basic Landscape System
  • PDF  |  ZIP  »  70 Volt Multi Zone Single Amp Audio System
  • PDF  |  ZIP  »  70 Volt Multi Zone Cascading Amps Audio System
  • PDF  |  ZIP  »  70 Volt 8 ohn Multi Zone Audio System
  • PDF  |  ZIP  »  Brian Reimer National Leasing

Media Distribution

  • PDF  |  ZIP  »  8x8 Matrix URC Controlled
  • PDF  |  ZIP  »  8x8HDMIMatrixSwitcherSystem(ExternalControl).numbers
  • PDF  |  ZIP  »  B-500-HDBaseT-4x4 System Design
  • PDF  |  ZIP  »  B-500-HDBaseT-8x8 System Design
  • PDF  |  ZIP  »  B-500-MRTX-4X4
  • PDF  |  ZIP  »  Nearus Web Camera
  • PDF  |  ZIP  »  ZeeVee Video Distribution

Surveillance Systems

  • PDF  |  ZIP  »  16 Channel Surveillance System
  • PDF  |  ZIP  »  16 Channel IP Surveillance System Controlled by URC's Total Control
  • PDF  |  ZIP  »  4 Channel IP Surveillance System Controlled by URC's Total Control
  • PDF  |  ZIP  »  4 Channel DVR Surveillance System
  • PDF  |  ZIP  »  8 Channel DVR Surveillance System
  • PDF  |  ZIP  »  9 Channel Surveillance System
  • PDF  |  ZIP  »  9 Channel IP Surveillance System
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What Clients Are Saying

  • "Our relationship with Staub is much more than just purchasing products from a distributor. With Staub we get and can consistently expect immediate service, sales support, system building guidance and next day shipping. One of Staub’s greatest qualities is their constant push to keep dealers in the loop of new and upcoming products and also encouraging dealers to keep up with current trends in the market. Thanks to Staub we have been introduced to some amazing brands such as URC Total Control and Episode Speakers. I feel quite lucky to have come across a company like Staub and look forward to increasing sales and opportunities with our partnership."

    Michael Chamzuk
    Best Built-In Centre

  • "Staub continues to amaze me at every turn. The people are truly amazing to deal with and their customer service is exemplary. Staub definitely exceeds industry standards and are easily the best supplier we have. I look forward to our future business and the benefits of working with such an outstanding company."

    Bobby Holt
    Digital Lifestyles

  • "Our industry is full of options with respect to the bit and parts of what it takes to build a fully integrated home. It is as important to know we are working with partners that understand what we do and support us when we need support. Staub Electronics has been an industry leader and a strong partner for LaScala with their website, speed to market, technical support and products that we can trust. Simply put, if Staub endorses a product, we support it too."

    Mike Chorney
    La Scala

  • "The best thing about Staub is that they have a team who cares about their customers and honors their word. If we need something, we know that we will be looked after without a problem. This in turn helps us service our customers better and we have the confidence to know we can rely on Staub for whatever we may need.

    Staub is a personal, forward thinking company that values their customers and invests the time to build lasting relationships. We have built a great relationship with the Staub team and are excited for what the future holds."

    Sean Sullivan
    SuRe InnoVations

  • "The team at Staub, from sales, technical support, shipping, receiving and right up to Senior Management, has been bar none the best experience I have had working with a supplier in this industry."

    Mike Dummer
    Digital Lifestyles